Try it then buy it.

We know that within the food hospitality industry no two businesses are the same. What may be a financially sound idea for one, may not be for another. Perhaps you’re not entirely sure which direction you want your restaurant to take or maybe you want to try out your equipment before you buy it. These are all possibilities. As a restaurant owner we know you require specific commercial equipment tailored for your needs. The restaurant business evolves quite rapidly and adapting to change is crucial for staying relevant. Renting your kitchen equipment allows the flexibility to adapt in an ever changing market.

how it works

Our rental program has been designed to help you get the equipment you need as quickly and as simply as possible. First, select the equipment you need from a dealer of your choice. Then fill out a simple application which we will submit for approval. Usually rental approvals for your kitchen equipment can be processed the same day or even instantly. Once approved we will purchase the equipment you’ve selected on your behalf! Quick and easy.

Rental Quick Facts

  • 52 Weekly Payments

    Low Weekly Payments

  • End of Term Options

    Continue Renting - Return Equipment- Convert to Lease

  • 60% of every payment applied to ownership

    Purchase at any time during 12 months

  • Guaranteed Approval

    Up to $20,000

  • Off Balance Sheet Funding

    Does not show on business corporate bureau

Things you can rent

Cooking equipment
Cleaning equipment
Refrigeration equipment
Coffee equipment
Much more - just call us and ask!

Curious about financing?

Rental with us?

Low weekly payments
Three easy end-of-term options
100% tax deductible
Fully open contracts
Buy out anytime
No penalties

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