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Econolease Spotlight Series - Jamjar

Econolease is Canada’s leader in foodservice financing for a reason. Great customer service and of course the best rates in the industry. But, we are Canada’s leader because we service ALL of Canada. That’s why we met up with our first ever client in Vancouver, Fadi Eid, the owner of JamJar to see how successful his business has been since financing.

JamJar is a Lebanese kitchen with both sit-down and counter service. It started as a simple idea, Fadi moved to Vancouver and quickly realized there was no place to eat great food in a communal space that promotes friendship, community and home-style Lebanese cooking. That’s where the name and concept of JamJar come from. In Lebanon, there is an abundance of fruit, and when they’re in season, there is too much. People take the leftover fruits and make jams which they then share with their neighbours. Hence, JamJar.

Everything JamJar serves is fresh, free of preservatives and prepared daily from products sourced through local suppliers and growers. If they can’t find a particular spice or ingredient, they fly it in from Lebanon! Their menu has a wide range of traditional Lebanese dishes, this includes their famous tabouleh salad, beef kibbeh, and an assortment of deliciously fresh mezze. 

When Fadi opened up his first location he made the mistake of purchasing the equipment outright. He depleted his business of a huge chunk of capital which could have been used for his cash flow and to grow the operation. After realizing his errors, when opening his second restaurant Fadi called Econolease. We’ve now helped him finance and expand his business to four locations. 

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