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Econolease Spotlight Series - Justin Taperia

According to Justin Witcher of Como Taperia, there was really no place to get great authentic Spanish Tapas in Vancouver. That is until he brought his vision to life. Along with his business partners, Justin always wondered while travelling to bigger cities like New York or Los Angeles why he could always find amazing Spanish food, but never when he came back home. After a trip to Spain, he knew it was destined to be. He was amazed by the culture of the restaurants and the food. He had never cooked Spanish food professionally but saw this opportunity in the market to seize on his tastebuds and bring something new to Vancouverites.


Como Taperia focuses on unique tapas dishes in an environment that promotes fun and an almost party-like atmosphere. With their standing-only bar, patrons are packed together just like their Anchovies sourced from Spain. People are encouraged to mingle, share and learn about what their eating and have a dining experience unique to the restaurant. The tapas themselves are not just delicious but beautifully plated. Some dishes include Patatas Bravas, Charred Octopus, Clams and more.


When they started building out their restaurant from the ground-up they went to the Bank. They were successful in getting the money they needed to start creating their dream… Or so they thought. When the costs ran higher than they had expected, they went back to the bank with no luck. A friend referred them to Econolease and a partnership was born. Econolease saw the vision and passion and was able to help finance the rest of the venture, no problem. And just like the tapas at Como Taperia, the financing payments are paid back in small bites.


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