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Econolease Spotlight Series - Micheal Parker


Sprezzatura makes delicious Italian fare nonchalantly. The owner, Michael Parker, achieves this through decades of experience in the food service industry that has taken him all over the globe. After spending years operating pubs across London, England Michael was ready to move back home to Vancouver, but he needed a concept to bring with him. Cue a trip to Positano, Italy where he visited a local restaurant, Da Costantino. From there he brought their traditional way of making pizza and their family-style ambience and created Sprezzatura, an Italian pizzeria and gastro-pub in Vancouver.


Their pizza is special. It utilizes a Verace Pizza Napoletana (genuine pizza styling from Naples). The dough takes over 100 hours to prepare before it can be placed in the 900-degree pizza oven (with a 1,200-degree dome) to be cooked in a matter of minutes. They serve traditional pizzas like Margherita as well as some unique offerings such as their Shrimp Cocktail Pizza and Mushroom & Truffle pizza.


Where a lot of Italian restaurants do pizza and pasta, starch and starch, Sprezzatura does starch and protein. Utilizing their roast oven, they create some delicious dishes including braised wagyu, roasted sablefish and roasted chicken.

With every new opening, there are challenges that restaurateurs don’t expect. In Michael’s case, it was that his traditional bank threw him a curve where he had to hold $100,000 on account which left a huge gap in his financing. That’s where Econolease stepped in to fill the gap, helping Sprezzatura finance the renovations and equipment needed to serve authentic Italian experience to Vancouverites.


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