Commercial equipment financing simplified for equipment dealers and business shoppers​

Using our industry-leading rates and proprietary technology, it is easier than ever for both dealers and business shoppers to finance commercial equipment. The Econolease online portal for b2b commercial equipment financing has simplified the process of financing commercial equipment, making your business goals more accessible than ever.

Customer Portal

equipment financing management

Status updates of active applications

With real-time updates on the status of your finance application, you will always be in the loop.

Upload documentation

Our portal allows you to submit and disseminate any document you require with the simple click of a button. Mobile phones make it even easier! Simply take a picture of your documents and voila.

Review payment options

Your portal account will help you review and compare all the available terms and pricing to make sure you select the one that best suits your cash flow and business requirements.

Execute agreements instantly

Say goodbye to printers and scanners and hello to digital signatures! You will be able to populate, sign and submit your agreement with just a few clicks and download a copy for yourself anytime.

Self-serve customer service

New banking information? Looking for an update on how many payments you have left? Accountant asking for a payment history statement? Handle all of these requests and more directly through the portal.

Customer Portal

Your financing information right at your finger tips

Dealer Portal

A platform designed for you to succeed

Introduce us to a customer

Sending over a lead for a project or larger equipment purchase is now done with a few clicks. Enter their contact information and follow along the process as your VendorLender account manager gets their file all set-up.

Make adjustments instantly

We understand that equipment quotes can change so we’ve made it easy to update us on those changes. With a few clicks you can edit, add and/or delete assets at any time. If self-serve isn’t for you - no problem, just upload a new copy of your quote and we’ll take care of it!

Quotes made easy

Offering financing to your clients has never been easier. Simply provide us with some basic client information and rough estimate of the total equipment cost and we will email your client a finance quote and application that is optimized to make completion as simple as possible.

Upload invoices

File management can be a hassle, but Econolease has come up with a solution to move you out of your inbox and into the portal. Easily view all files that are awaiting invoicing, review billing instructions and even submit your invoice directly through the portal.

Searchable client history

Econolease portal keeps a sophisticated database of client information history and now you can reap the benefits. Easily review and search all clients that have previously funded a contract with your business and Econolease.

Track customer deals

With Econolease there will be no confusion about where any of your applications are. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of all active customers and real-time status updates on the file. Your account manager is also accessible with a click of a button.

Dealer Portal

Easily offer your customers financing for their purchases