Financing for Opening a Restaurant

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If you plan on opening a restaurant, you’ll be faced with countless decisions. For budding entrepreneurs, finding financing is often cited as being the most difficult aspect of the project. Choosing the right lender is an absolute necessity, as choosing the wrong one can trap you in debt for years. Understanding how bad lenders take advantage of start-ups could help you save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business. Knowing what to look for in a lender can only be advantageous to anyone opening a restaurant, or any other type of business.  


 Opening a restaurant requires a lot more planning than many other types of businesses. From interior décor and table settings to kitchen equipment and storage, there’s certainly no shortage of items to be explored. Will you purchase, rent or lease items? The first year of a restaurant is often regarded as the most difficult, which is why many restaurant owners consider themselves lucky to have had enough capital to get through seasonal changes in customer base. When the right lender is chosen, you won’t be tethered to a single expense. Instead, you’ll receive funding and be able to spend it however you see fit. 

Bad Lenders

 Everyone knows that lenders make money off the interest accrued from the principal of a loan. What a lot of people don’t realize is that, like credit cards, interest compounds regularly. Low payments make it impossible to pay off the principal amount which leads to years, even decades, of payments without even scratching the surface of the initial loan amount. Avoid lenders with high interest rates, lenders who operate out of a basement, and those with extended term periods. Once trapped in a bad lending situation it can be very difficult to escape, financially as well as legally.  

What to Look For

 There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a lender that can help ensure that the experience is helpful without being a financial drain. Try to find a lender with low interest rates. Another thing that can help prevent years of dragging debt is the length of the term. In most cases, six to twelve months is an ideal solution. The best lenders in the industry offer the ability to repay daily or weekly and don’t dictate where your funding goes. A good lender will never make you wait for extended periods of time to approve your loan. In fact, the most reputable lenders will approve you in around three days. Opening a restaurant is no easy task, but it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make. Help get your project off on the right foot by attaining funding that will help you reach your goals will limiting the amount of time you’ll be in debt. Contact the most reliable and trustworthy lender Canada has to offer today to learn more about the products and services available. It’s a quick call that can lead to the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.

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