Meet The Team Ready to make your dreams a reality.

Leadership Team

Toronto Team

Michelle Alvarez

Operations Manager

Anike Arthur

Account Manager

Vineet Dhammi

Software Developer

Crystal Helen

Account Manager

Susan Howell

Sales Coordinator

Bony Raval

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Jennifer Tran

Account Manager

James Smith

Account Manager

Nancy Sommer

Account Manager

Shannon Zmurko

Account Manager

Sheona Young

Sales Coordinator

Jenny Chen

Accounts Payable, Receivables and Payroll

Christopher Cicione

Sales Coordinator

Justin Nosak

Vendor Lender Account Manager

Lucas Duria

Sales Coordinator

Rita Muamba

Account Solutions Coordinator


Megan Doll

Strategic Accounts Representative

Montreal Team

Hussain Ali

Account Manager - Merchant Solutions

Ella Clump

Customer Service Coordinator

Alexie d'Anjou-Charton

Regional Team Lead - Quebec

Joannie Gauthier

Directrice de Comptes

Brittany MacDonald-Alleyne

Team Lead - Merchant Solutions

Karen Meitin

Directrice de Compte

Angelo Rossi

Directeur de Comptes

David Kernisan

Account Manager – Merchant Solutions

Edmonton Team

Jillian Easy

Director of Accounts – Western Canada

Cody Harding

Regional Account Manager – Western Canada

Vancouver Team


Shivani Conway

Regional Team Lead