New Start-Up Restaurant Financing

New Start-Up Restaurant Financing

Whether opening a new restaurant or updating a kitchen to accommodate a growing clientele, foodservice industry equipment leasing and renting could be the solution you’re looking for. Before agreeing to the first financing option that comes your way, it pays to understand how bad lenders can prevent you from reaching your goals.

Avoid the Trap

Bad lenders lock folks into financial obligations that last years, if not decades. This is done by having loans with very high interest rates and no fixed end period for the loan. This combination leads to borrowers paying monthly amounts for years without ever really touching the principal amount borrowed.

Find the Best

Good lenders, on the other hand, have plans with lower interest rates and fixed terms of six to twelve months. This gives borrowers a clear vision of their financial situation and gives peace of mind. There’s no reason to trap you or your business in debt for years when it can be avoided by opting for the finest lender in the GTA.

Call today to learn about the financial products and services that best suit the needs of your business today! Most borrowers are approved in around three days. You could be making big changes to your restaurant by the end of the week!

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