Not in foodservice? We’ve got you covered.

Not in foodservice? We've got you covered.

Working in foodservice financing has been such a treat. Mom and pop shops, huge national and chain accounts and everything in between. We get to help regular everyday people and hear all about their hopes, goals, dreams and consult on how to get them there.


When the use of cannabis became legal in Canada in October, our phones starting ringing off the hook. Can we lease, finance and rent in this space? What can we lease? I thought it was time to put pen to paper, or fingers to computer, and tell our story.


Yes, Econolease can finance in most industries even though we specialize in foodservice. We are used to putting complicated deals together and can navigate through tons of unique situations. We can lease finance your vacuum packaging machines, display cases, security systems, cameras, refrigeration, storage, scales, heating lamps, POS systems and more. Whatever equipment your business needs to operate, we can help.


If you’re unsure of the asset, just call us and ask. We are always eager to hear about your business and add another happy customer to our success stories! Econolease specializes in hospitality financing, so our primary customers are operators of a foodservice business. However, we have financed a ton of unique assets unusual from our staple clientele.


Beyond foodservice, which industries can we serve and what types of equipment could we lease, finance or rent?


Fitness – workout machines, weights, computer equipment, audio & visual equipment, POS, etc.
Medical & Dental – medical machines, beds, appliances, tools, computer equipment, audio & visual equipment, etc.
Construction – new & used construction equipment, private sales, landscaping, mining, forestry, etc.
Entertainment – lighting & sound equipment, computers, monitors, green screens, software, etc.
Technology – computers, printers, servers, telephony, networking, software, etc. Transportation – new and used, fleet, private sales, etc.
And the newest industry booming in popularity – Cannabis.


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