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Crepe T.O. is a gourmet Creperie in Toronto that aims to bolster the city’s crepe scene. As owner, Reza Zarafshan says “We noticed a lack of creperies in the city and our concept is all about freshness and a new way of serving crepes.” Crepe T.O. has innovated the menu and the dining style to offer Torontonians a crepe like no other.

As Crepe lovers, the team wanted to explore the true capability of a crepe as a meal. “Most of our menu consists of savory items, but we also offer sweet ones.” The menu is perfect for a healthy lunch, dinner, or all-day breakfast. Their Crepe combinations boast an assortment of premium cut meats, freshly cut veggies, fruits, and gourmet toppings.

 Although they are a crepe house they’re not your traditional creperie. What makes Crepe T.O. unique is the way they serve their crepes. Their crepes are served in a unique paper cone that makes eating clean and hassle free. You can take these unique holders to dine-in or for a Grab N Go purpose. 

“When we started our knowledge about leasing and renting equipment was nothing.” At Econolease we know it’s your job to make an unforgettable dining experience. It’s our job to help make that dream a reality. We’re the experts in foodservice financing. We aim to be your partner. We take your equipment needs and financial situation and combine those ingredients to offer you a solution – that will save you dough! “Econolease helped us with the process of leasing all our equipment, brand new equipment. Prep stations, fridges, pop coolers, even mixers we use every day to make the batter.” With Econolease there is no restaurant concept too impossible. If you dream it we can make the financing of the right equipment a reality. “Instead of putting a lot of money down for the equipment we leased it. The process was very easy, simple, and Econolease was very helpful.”

To learn more about leasing with Econolease click here. Experience Crepe T.O. for yourself! Find out more at www.crepetoronto.com

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