Oliva | Spotlight Series

Oliva | Spotlight Series


When your life is busy, it’s hard to eat well. You want quick and convenient and that usually comes at a cost to your wallet and diet. Oliva’s mission is to help you eat well and live better, and they’re doing that at four locations across Toronto.

Each day Oliva chefs prepare healthy and delicious meals using fresh ingredients. This includes salads, sandwiches and pastries. What makes Oliva unique is its packaging. You can head over to their large to-go fridge and grab a wrap or a sandwich pre-packaged for easy take out or even get a salad already assembled in a jar.

Beyond food, they serve a wide range of organic coffee beverages made to order, drip, espresso, cappuccinos, you name it. They also offer a wide selection of lattes including cinnamon roll, London fog, matcha and turmeric. 

Oliva expanded to four locations in two-years- no easy feat. We helped outfit all four locations with new equipment from their beautiful refrigerated displays down to their coffee makers. The cost is significant to build four locations from the ground up. Many business owners would see this as too large an obstacle, but the owners had a plan in place. With Econolease, financing is easy. We help by turning your big expenses into snackable payments. We’re proud to help business owners with a plan to make their dreams a reality.

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