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Secret Lands Farm



In 2013, the Burovs decided it was time for a change of pace. They wanted out of the city life. So, of course, they bought a farm. They didn’t have any farming experience but Sophie, Alex and their son Roman were determined to create some of the best dairy products your mouth could taste.

Just because they slowed down their lives to farm, didn’t mean things were easier. Caring for and handling livestock is a challenge. The family milks the animals and use their milk to create cheese. It’s labour-intensive and time-consuming. But as Sophie says, if you want a good product, you need to put in hard work.

According to Sophie, sheep’s milk by itself is the top of the line of any dairy product. It’s cows, then goats, then sheep. Nothing is better in the whole world than sheep’s milk. Sheep’s milk is more homogenous than other milk and makes it easier to digest and is better for your cholesterol levels. At Secret Lands Farm they are creating delicious artisanal products with their milk such as kefir, yogurt and cheeses from fresco to their three and half year old pecorino.

In 2019, the Burovs decided to open a pop-up shop in Mississauga’s Square One. Shoppers can stop by the food district to try artisanal cheese, yogurt and meat directly from the farm to their table.

When Sophie and her family pitched their idea to the give up city life and buy a farm to the banks, it wasn’t an easy sell. She needed a lot of capital to finance both farming and retail equipment. That’s why Sophie thought outside the bank and ended up at Econolease. At Econolease, we’re interested in not just helping restauranteurs and chefs. We’re here to help business owners make their dream a reality. If you have a dream, we have the financing.

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