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Meat-eaters rejoice! There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to barbecue and it’s Beach Hill Smokehouse. Their style is influenced by central-Texas where the star of the show is the rubs.

Darrien and Terrence, transplants from the United States wanted to bring their take on authentic barbecue to Toronto. They couldn’t do that without their 7,000-pound smoker shipped from Mesquite, Texas. “it’s able to hold 1,800 pounds of meat at one time 7,000 pounds of muscle so we truly believe that there’s no other way you can get to say Texas feel without that smoker” said Darrien. They clearly take barbecue seriously.

When asked about their menu, Terrence, a pitmaster exclaimed “we sell a ton of ribs here because you know they love ribs here in Canada. But brisket, they say you got to come and try the brisket.”

We can’t take credit for the brisket, so tender it melts in your mouth, but we can for helping the guys get their restaurant up and running. “Opening a restaurant- we weren’t sure what we were doing. Econolease really held our hand and walked us through the entire process,” Darrien explained. We helped finance the entire kitchen including the fridges, cutting table and convection oven which is used to make their famous mac and cheese. Financing was a great option for Beach Hill as it opened up capital to help them allocate more funds to other pressing areas such as their construction and labour costs.

Darrien explains, “when the summertime comes this line could be literally down the street.” The people in the line have to pay for their delicious sandwich or meat-packed tray. Econolease stepped in to offer payment processing services (debit and credit transactions) to help make the transaction process as flawless as their ribs.

Beach Hill Smokehouse is passionate about barbecue. We’re passionate about making dreams a reality. We’re proud to say we helped bring a part of Texas to Toronto.

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